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Julie US Writer
Julie, who remained a nameless copywriter since 2005, comes out of hiding. Watch out for more content with her name on it.

I’ve got a deadline. What’s your excuse?

It’s true. I haven’t done my dishes yet. The sad thing, is, I don’t even have children. People with families might not think living a life of a writer is a legitimate excuse. After I finish this article, I will do them. I promise.

I haven’t done dishes for days. Here’s the proof.

Do I have a justifiable reason for letting my dishes sit in the sink?

The obsession to come out of copywriter hiding and have a few pieces with my name haunts me. It’s true. Since 2005, I wrote thousands of content pieces, and you wouldn’t know it. Most of it’s floating out on the Web, and I would have to use Copyscape to find it.

The few bylines I do…

I’ve got a deadline. What’s your excuse?

It’s true. I haven’t done my dishes for days. The sad thing, is, I don’t even have children. I live alone and being busy writing in addition to working about 30–40 hours as a delivery driver is my main reason for neglecting my house duties. After I finish this article, I will do them. I promise.

The rest of this story is on A Life of a Writer, which is one of my Medium publications. I didn’t realize I made this version live, but that’s okay. If you want to see the rest of this article, you know where to find it. Read more >>

Scroll down and/or hit the “read more” link to see list of publications displayed below this introduction. They include blog entries originally published outside of Medium that I moved here.

See also Webwide Writing and Publishing News for more of my updates.

I spent most of my time ghostwriting since 2005, but my first-ever paid writing assignment was a creative non-fiction story published in Cup O’ Comfort for Christians. I still have faith in a higher power, but as you can see, my current writing is far different than this story was.

Coming Soon — A Mixture of Fact and Fiction

Writing creative non-fiction and journalistic or blog-style posts always seemed to come natural to me. However, I’m not ready to expose every detail of me like in “real life” and want to continue to conceal the identity of…

New Post Published on ‘Don’t Remind Me I’m Single’

Hello. I just published a new post on my Don’t Remind Me I’m Single publication. It shares what I was up to before and after coronavirus quarantines last year. See, I never dated with marriage in mind. I knew one day I was going to need a break from relationships though.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a terrible thing. It’s even one more cause of PTSD, social anxiety and OCD - — at least in me. …

The coronavirus pandemic was a terrible thing, but one good thing that came out of it was some “me time.” Audio is provided to accommodate all viewing preferences.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a terrible thing. However, the dating interruptus that it caused did me more good than harm — more than you’ll ever know.

After 17 years of serial monogamy and even attempts at polyamory, I’m just done. However, I’ve been done at least two other times in the past 15+ years. This time is different, and it’s the coronavirus dating interruptus that provided me the incentive to be alone for a year.

Before I continue this story, I have a brief announcement:

Hello, I’m producing a new story called “I’ll do Anything For Love Except Kiss You.” It’s a fiction account based on dating from 2019…

Use pauses in your writing, and when necessary, add commas.

My Response to “The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex

To me, “do men want a wife or a mother as a significant other?” is my top question in my mind when dating.

It doesn’t seem to be the age of the man. I’ve dated both as young as five years my junior on up to 25 years my senior, and honestly, the younger man seemed more mature.

Too bad I was so petty then — leaving him just because his main hobby was golf. In my defense, I wanted that to be “his” thing, but he wanted a…

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