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Julie US Writer
Julie, a freelance copywriter since 2005, comes out of hiding. She now publishes content with her face and name on it for the first time in 15+ years.

You put it all your chips out there hoping you get something back, and you will, if you’re lucky

Random hint for the sight impaired before I get started: You can add the “Read Aloud” to your Chrome browser to listen instead of read. I’m planning on adding audio to more of my posts, but for now, I’m recommending that. (It’s free, and I’m not ashamed to promote free.) I know I shouldn’t assume everyone uses the Chrome browser, but for now, that’s the best advice I have for you. Except for maybe get some sleep and take a shower once in a while. (I should talk.)

Me, After I Just Woke up From a Nap

Hello, I’m in a mood right now, and it’s just another day…

I’ve got a deadline. What’s your excuse?

It’s true. I haven’t done my dishes for days. The sad thing, is, I don’t even have children. I live alone and being busy writing in addition to working about 30–40 hours as a delivery driver is my main reason for neglecting my house duties. After I finish this article, I will do them. I promise.

The rest of this story is on A Life of a Writer, which is one of my Medium publications. I didn’t realize I made this version live, but that’s okay. If you want to see the rest of this article, you know where to find it. Read more >>

At least once in a while (just venting not a metered post)

I’m going to write more on this later, but for now, this is my update. I just cannot believe how many mistakes I have in this document I’m preparing. Really? Am I that bad of a writer (a rhetorical statement made out of frustration that I don’t think deserves a question mark). I wrote about this before, but it’s an issue that never goes away. In fact, I’m just using this platform to vent right now an am not even going to meter this post.

But sometimes, we have to laugh at ourselves. I couldn’t even keep up with all…

Moving on from the years I wasted

Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash

Warning: This is not one of those “How to Get Rich” blogs. If you think it is, go away.

Hello, it’s me, Julie. I run other publications on Medium besides this one. I have to have more than one because not all my thoughts fit onto the same blog. The Real Path to Success isn’t what you think. This one is related to my Be Happy Still publication because in some ways happiness and success are related.

At the same time, being happy doesn’t mean that you’re as successful as you want to be, and being successful doesn’t mean your happy. …

I don’t have proof, but just in case, this is my unmetered warning to anyone who I suspect is a spammer.

Spam is the modern from of what used to be called unsolicited “junk mail” when I was a child. If we still get “junk mail” I supposed these days we could call it “recyclable mail,” but it’s the same thing.

I’m not metering this post because it’s just an announcement, and I don’t want to charge for public announcements. Before I accuse anyone of spam, I first want to say that I empathize if I was wrong about you. I’ve been there, and I know how it feels. It’s the over-excitement of being on a new site or forum for…

It’s okay to lie a little for the sake of website security…no one has to know — and they shouldn’t know.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

You know those “security questions” I’m talking about. They’re supposed to be easier to remember than your password, but they defeat the purpose of website security. This one time, you have to “lie” just to remain protected. I don’t give real answers to them, and here’s why and what questions you should most lie to.

1. The answers you give to security questions are too obvious.

I’m not that popular, but anyone who knows anything about me such as the birthdates of family members would figure this out. The same…

Periodic updates of my earnings on Medium just for the fun of it, and this is not a metered story. Rest of updates will be in comments at least once a week.

Update on 5/16/2021

This is kind of exciting. I think of this as a way to earn residual income, and my time is my investment instead of money. Thank you, Medium!

I’m now up to $1.05 in my Medium account. For more updates on this post, please check the comments. I’m doing this for the fun of it and not counting this story as one to for which I can earn.

I became a geek about writing about writing itself lately.

Check out one of my other latest A Life of a Writer posts:

Writing Feels a Lot Like Gambling

The rest of these updates are from 5/15/2021 and sooner.

I dedicate this article to all the Medium writers who spend their time…

What I use now instead for quick photo edits, and this is a slightly random entry for the 100-day Daily Writing Challenge

I use Photoshop for advanced edits and compositing, but I often turn to simple paid or free photo editing software for fast fixes that I think are too complicated in Photoshop. For quick photo edits, I really miss the Microsoft PictureIt! that I used in 2004. That was one of the first I used besides Roxio’s photo editor when making what I think should be uncomplicated changes. It also piqued my interest in making digital collages, and I recall batch editing to be easy using Picture It!.

My Days with PictureIt!

It used to be easier for me to obtain the soft edges and…

Is it wrong to multitask several assignments at once when managing writing assignments?

You probably heard people say all your life that you should start one task before you finish another. In daily life, I try to follow that principle. However, I have my opinion about multitasking writing projects.

When managing writing projects, does multitasking help you or hurt you?

It depends on your plan.

You can’t just sit and journal all day if you’re not going to take time to sell the material. Don’t become too distracted when managing writing projects that you forget you have deadlines either.

My Stand on Multitasking Writing Projects

Just today, I drafted a piece for the 100-Day Illumination Network Writing Challenge. I did what I usually do — use Read Aloud in Microsoft Word when I don’t feel…

How My Annoying Resolve to Use “Read Aloud” to Catch My Writing Mistakes Works Against Me, and Why I Use it Anyway (one more 100-Day Daily Writing Challenge Piece)

Right now, I’m juggling a few drafts for the 100-Day Daily Writing Challenge, and I’m completing assignments for two different clients all at once. One of the articles, it’s really long. That’s good unless you’re tired of reading the same text at least 10–15 times. I had to set it aside and share with you how my annoying resolve to use Microsoft Word’s “Read Aloud” frustrates me.

Why I Use “Read Aloud”

When I hear my work from a voice other than my own, it helps me proofread even when my brain feels fried. …

Julie US Writer

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