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Julie US Writer
Julie, a freelance copywriter since 2005, comes out of hiding. She now publishes content with her face and name on it for the first time in 15+ years.

Message all questions, writing inquiries, private feedback and concerns to Julie US Writer or A Life of a Writer on Facebook. That’s where I choose to get my messages, because that’s where I’m almost always present.

Hello! One of my latest announcements is that I’m starting a new Facebook group for both Medium writers and publishers to connect. I encourage you to check that out. Find out more information here (comping soon).

I’ve got a deadline. What’s your excuse? (audio and/or video of this coming soon)

It’s true. I haven’t done my dishes yet. The sad thing, is, I don’t even have children. People with families might not think living a life of a writer is a legitimate excuse. After I finish this article, I will do them. I promise.

I haven’t done dishes for days. Here’s the proof.

Do I have a justifiable reason for letting my dishes sit in the sink?

The obsession to come out of copywriter hiding and have a few pieces with my name haunts me. It’s true. Since 2005, I wrote thousands of content pieces, and you wouldn’t know it. Most of it’s floating out on the Web, and I would have to use Copyscape to find it.

The few bylines I do…

I’ve got a deadline. What’s your excuse?

It’s true. I haven’t done my dishes for days. The sad thing, is, I don’t even have children. I live alone and being busy writing in addition to working about 30–40 hours as a delivery driver is my main reason for neglecting my house duties. After I finish this article, I will do them. I promise.

The rest of this story is on A Life of a Writer, which is one of my Medium publications. I didn’t realize I made this version live, but that’s okay. If you want to see the rest of this article, you know where to find it. Read more >>

Scroll down and/or hit the “read more” link to see list of publications displayed below this introduction. They include blog entries originally published outside of Medium that I moved here.

See also Webwide Writing and Publishing News for more of my updates.

I spent most of my time ghostwriting since 2005, but my first-ever paid writing assignment was a creative non-fiction story published in Cup O’ Comfort for Christians. I still have faith in a higher power, but as you can see, my current writing is far different than this story was.

Coming Soon — A Mixture of Fact and Fiction

Writing creative non-fiction and journalistic or blog-style posts always seemed to come natural to me. However, I’m not ready to expose every detail of me like in “real life” and want to continue to conceal the identity of…

A place for Medium writers and publishers to find each other but to get stories published NOT for claps and comments

Hello, I searched on Facebook to see if there were any groups for writers who are looking for places to publish their work on Medium. I wasn’t sure which ones offered that service, so I decided to start a new one.

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

Why I Started the “Medium Writers and Publishers” Group

Of course, writers on Medium can make direct inquiries to the publications that you know of. However, some of us who just started on this platform might feel overwhelmed at the number of inquiries that established publications receive. Therefore, I’m opening up a new group to both writers and publishers just getting started. …

I've been thinking about how much we should share about what's going on in our lives. For me, however, choosing not to talk about everything that is wrong with my life all the time has helped me sometimes be less depressed.

Also, if someone else I know is chronically depressed with no motivation, and I'm depressed at the same time, I don't believe I'm much help to that person. For me, it's not about pretending I'm okay either. It's about enjoying the few moments of bliss I actually have in a day.

It is sad about Robin Williams. He actually…

How to live when your mom won’t be happy no matter your financial or relationship status (audio version now available )

This Mother’s Day, I’m spending the day working and alone. I don’t have children at age 47, but I will tell my mom I love her. However, I told my mom the day after my birthday (May 1) that I just need some time and space.

If you struggle with similar “mommy issues,” then I hope my story will help you spend half the amount of years I did feeling bad about myself. It’s time for both mothers and daughters to grow up.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

I’m not sure what happened to me. New Year’s Day 2021, I wanted to enjoy the…

An abridged, PG version — from a 17-year dating streak to being now alone for a year (Video with text also provided below the intro paragraph — coming soon).

I originally wrote a long, long story of more than 2,000 words rated 18+ about how my coronavirus dating interruptus led me to be alone for a year. I will leave out most of the details that probably don’t matter do you. Also, I this time want to be able to include the video version of it. If I make it PG, then I can have You Tube post it here. Below, you’ll just get the highlights, and that’s all that’s in the video too.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a terrible thing, but my coronavirus dating interruptus changed me:

Video version coming soon…please keep reading for now.

My interrupted dating during quarantine motivated me…

From a “real” not “fake” perspective one day at a time

A few people including Buddha have been attributed to the quote “Happiness is a journey not a destination. “

I can’t recall who the original author of this quote is, but I believe it. A person can struggle with depression but still be overall happy — or at least content — with their lives.

My Research on Happiness

I’ll go back and update that later. I did research on motivational speakers who struggle with depression. I’ve also known for a long time that part of the reason those speakers set out to motivate others is because they’ve been there. They’ve dealt with depression. They…

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